Beware! of the tricks prepaid companies play

Since we don't play those tricks, we thought you should know how they are played.

Beware! of the tricks they play

Billions of dollars have been made by some of our competitors through misrepresentation of the prepaid phone cards they sell. Having been in prepaid Telecommunications industry for over 10 years, we've seen all the tricks. And since we don't play those tricks, we thought you should know how they are played.

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Beware of False Taxes!

Some Phone Card companies will charge 30% in fake taxes. Read the fine print on most Phone Card providers' disclaimers, buried deep within their web pages, and you will find they will charge you 20%-30% in "Taxes". These are false taxes. It's another way for Phone Card Providers to deplete your calling minutes for their own profitability. So if they advertise 100 minutes of calling time to a certain country, 20-30 minutes will be taken off the top.

Back to Top Beware of Rate Pyramids!

Some Phone Card companies will progressively charge a higher rate. They will bill the first few calls of your calling card as advertised. Betting on the fact that you will trust that the company is legitimate after the first couple of calls, they will progressively begin charging a higher rate. Here's an example of how a Rate Pyramid will work:

  • 1st and 2nd call = 1.5¢ per minute
  • 3rd call = 1.8¢ per minute
  • 4th call = 1.9¢ per minute
  • 5th and consequent calls = 2.0¢ per minute

Back to Top Beware of Nightly Sweeps!

Some Phone Card companies will deduct money from your phone card while you sleep. They will take off a few cents from your card balance at night. It might only be a few cents at first, but multiply it by tens of thousands of cards and it can add up to a substantial amount of money.

Back to Top Beware of Disconnects!

Some Phone Card companies will cut-off your call and charge you a fee. They will disconnect you in the middle of your conversation if your call exceeds their threshold of their profitability. This will appear as a lost or dropped call to you. They will then either charge you a "disconnect fee" or charge you a higher rate on your next call.

Back to Top Beware of Hidden Fees!

Some Phone Card companies will charge you hidden fees that you won't see. They will display your call records but hide the hidden surcharges from view. This trick is used by certain carriers to advertise ridiculously low rates and prompt the highest number of minutes, hiding the surcharges from you.

Back to Top Beware of Connection Fees!

Some Phone Card companies will charge you a connection fee for every call. This is another trick used by providers to advertise low rates. For example, a 10 minute call at 1¢ per minute with a $2.00 connection fee is actually costing you 21¢ per minute. A 20 minute call is costing you 11¢ per minute. In fact, it would be mathematically impossible to get a 1¢ per minute rate with any type of connection fee.

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Back to Top Beware of VOIP!

Some Phone Card companies will use noncompliant gray-market calling connections. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is a process where your voice is converted into data bit so that they can be sent via shared internet lines. They will advertise unbelievably low rates, ridiculous number of minutes and terminate your call over low-grade Voice Over IP shared lines.

Back to Top Beware of No Live Customer Service!

While most of our competitors farm out their customer service to foreign countries, we have decided that the best way to care for our clients is if we do it ourselves. That's why every in-house Pinplan agent is trained to provide you with courteous and professional service. Our representatives can be reached by Phone, Email and Instant Message seven days a week.

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