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PinPlan Member Testimonials

We don't like to boast but we have the best customersin the world. Just read some of their testimonials and you'll see why they have made PinPlan the Premier Online Phone Card Super Store. If you are a PinPlan member, we would love to hear from you.

"I'm really pleased with your service and the low prices... Thank you and keep up the good work. I wish I could cancel also my local phone service!"

Susanne H. - Orlando, FL

"I was getting a busy signal upon trying to place a phone call with your company. I called your service number and talked to a nice young lady who explained why it was happening, (my card had expired), sold me a new card, spoke English and had patience with my hearing deficit. It was a pleasure talking to a human being instead of a machine. Thank you!"

John K. - Greenwich, CT

"I am very please with the pinplan service, who has offered the best rate and connection for prepaid cards. I regularly use this card and was pleased to get discounts and a free pin. The customer manager has been very helpful and honest in helping me finding the best rate and card for the country I was calling often. It is always very good to have very good customer service, to support such services. Thank you."

Annielle M. - Rolla, MO

"Klodya called and left a message at my home phone number. She also called my work number and I was away from my desk and left a message. I was finally able to call back and when I said that I was returning a call to Klodya, I was immediately transferred to her. I'm sure that any of the c.s. representatives could have helped me, but I felt like I was her customer and she was my personal representative. I hope that I am as happy with pinplan as I was with my previous provider."

Donna O.

"I called 1-888-697-4696 this evening and spoke to the most thoughtful, informative, kind individual (I am not his mother) by the name of Ara. I am currently (soon to be NOT) customer of BigZoo (thought it was fabulous, but local access number, which is 1 cent less per minute, was, almost totally useless because of bad connection, with no solution from BigZoo (I live in Boston, not a small city), however, I loved the service. Found your website through an Internet search for "BigZoo And Comparisons", since, you are advertising to BigZoo clientele.

I had many, many questions (a lot of bad companies out there; can't be sure what you're getting). Ara answered all my questions, and more, cheerfully, without any impatience; now, not only will I undoubtedly sign up w/your company, but, I am going to get my sister (in Nevada, previous BigZoo customer who ended up w/a terrible new company) to sign up as well. You are very lucky to have such a fine representative working for you. Please, personally, tell him (show him) my email and thank him for me."

Rhonda P.

"I want to express my gratitude for some excellent service received from Armen last Friday. He listened to my problem and looked into it. Then he made a recommendation that took of my problem. He was courteous and helpful. Two thumbs up from a grateful customer. Well done to you Armen! Thanks."

Bruce S. - Cumberland, WI

"I had a horrible experience with another calling card. I looked up PinPlan at the suggestion of a friend. I still had some questions so I called customer service and spoke with Armen. What a pleasurable experience. He answered all my questions, showed me the website, which card to use to get the cheapest rate, helped me set up pinless dialing and then some. Now that's what I call excellent service. My card was working in minutes. Thanks!"

Amy E.

"I recently became a member of Pin Plan. The young man who set up my account was helpful and courteous and I LOVE the fact that we now have an automatic connection through our phone line. I didn't know what we were going to do when Big Zoo announced it was canceling its long distance service. Thank goodness Pin Plan gave us several options."

Linda B. - Wetmore, KS, VA

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"I have arrived last December at the States from Korea for my study.I was very happy to hear very clear sound from my family living in Korea through the line of "Pinplan". I really thank to the cheap and clear line supplied by the Pinplan."

Yang-joong K. - Clifton, VA

"I needed to help my son stay in touch with his friend Italy - I am so glad I found PINPLAN. What a great service! But what is more important to me was how that service was delivered and the help and information your team provided me. It made a confusing transaction simple! Now I can put this issue to bed - Thanks PINPLAN - you will most assuredly get referrals from me."

Mike L. - Philadelphia, PA

"I am very pleased at the prompness in which my order was handeled. The representative that called me was very curtious and helpful. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!"

Maria T. - Santa Fe, NM

"My husband is serving with the Kentucky Army National Guard in Kuwait and Iraq. He bought a cell phone that we can use to talk to each other when he is in Kuwait. Because it is so expensive for him to make outgoing calls, we use phone cards for me to call him.

Pinplan has offered the least expensive, best "minute-rate" phone cards that I can find. We have spent close to $800 on phone cards and it has been worth it. Without these phone cards I don't know how we could have made it through the past year.!"

Jackie S. - Dresden, TN

"I love my pinplan card. I use it to call my old college friends back east and my relatives in England. Service is great!"

Armen B. - Glendale, CA


Evelyn S. - Clermont, FL

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the improved service! This is definitely the most convenient online phone card service ever! Weeeeeee!!!"

A satisfied customer (anonymous)

"I just wanted to tell you that you do a GREAT job. My daughter has been using PinPlan since May when she returned from a semester abroad to keep in touch with people she met while studying there. You rates are good and the convenience of being able to monitor expenses on a call by call basis is such an advantage. And it updates so quickly. She can see what a call has cost as soon as she hangs up the phone. Wish I had found you while she was there to use for my calls to her.

Since you only provide coverage for calls originating from the US, I unfortunately had to purchase an international calling card this past summer from a different company. It was a very bad experience. They didn't come close to meeting the expectations I have come to expect since being a customer of PinPlan. Keep up the good work. And consider expanding your services to include calling from countries outside the US to the US."

Nancy W. - Huntington, PA

"Just a quick note to tell you all that I'm most appreciative of your help, your positive attitude and your tremendous staff. I've referred a great many people all over the country to Pinplan, and I will continue to do so. Thanks."

Janet B. - Solon, IA

"Hi Pinplan People! I just wanna say thank you so much for providing a super international phone service @ amazingly competitive rates. Even your customer service people are really nice & courteous on the phone! Most Internet companies I've dealt with seriously lack people skills--but you've managed to strike a perfect balance between low price and outstanding customer service. I really hope that your Company is generating sizable ongoing profits--so you'll be around for a long time to come... Sincerely, a very satisfied customer"

Charles E. - Philadelphia, PA

"Pinplan has nearly the best prices on the Internet. When I tried the cheapest, the quality was terrible and calls were dropped a lot. I have found that Pinplan has the BEST VALUE of phone cards anywhere, which is why I continue to buy their phone cards."

Scott E. - Prior Lake, MN

"Great service, great prices, and EXCELLENT security... It took an additional 20 minutes to get our card setup for the first time because we had just moved in the past few weeks and our credit card billing address didn't match our present address. These extra steps and the personalized support we received from Dennis was top notch. Even though it was an initial hassle getting everything going, it was very worth it and I strongly feel that our information is 100% safe with your company due to these extra security measures that were taken. We love your service and your pricing... We'll DEFINITELY be back."

Tyler B. - Bloomington, IL

"Just a thank you for the professional and courteous help you provided in activating my account."

Bob K. - Orefield, PA<

"Excellent experience with my phone card purchase. I tell everybody."

Dorothy K. - Virginia Beach, VA

"I have already told many others about the great rates I have been getting at"

Jonathan M. - Virginia Beach, VA

"This is the BEST prepaid calling card that I have EVER purchase to make International calls. And I've been purchasing them since 1998!!!"

Cheri R. - Mitchellville, MD

"I am telling everyone about pinplan. I dont know why it took me so long to look for an online calling card. I love the fact that I can call from any phone!"

Shana B. - Freemont, CA

"PINPLAN did everything they said they were going to do. They activated the card right on the spot. I'll be back."

Mark M. - Northglenn, CO

"Pinplan phone cards allow you to customize your calling cards according to what length of call you typically choose. If you use shorter calls, you get more minutes but you may be charged a few minutes round-up. If you usually have longer calls, you can choose a calling card that does not use the round-ups. It is all about preference, which is very important. Either way, I am very thankful that if you do choose a round-up plan, at least you are charged 3 minute round-ups when some other companies could charge 20 minute round-ups. Pinplan= A rating"

Rebecca A. - Monmouth, OR

"The phone card was really great for calling South Africa. I really loved it to the point that I recommended it to friends."

Chestnut Hill, MA

"After trying 4 different internet phone cards Pinplan if by far the best. The rate per minute is slightly higher but the reliable connections and clarity of the call makes it worth it."

Evergreen, CO

"Exact fees were disclosed and online call detail is exact and a great service has been provided!!"

Tony N. - Garland, TX

"Consistently high quality. Consistently great customer service."

William O. - Benicia, CA

"Excellent! Their customer service is probably the best I've EVER dealt with I was HIGHLY impressed, they helped me when I was having problems with my debit card and even called my bank for me to cleear it up!!! Super nice, Super helpful. The phone card was great too, excellent connection and no hidden charges!!!"

Charlene F. - APO, AP

"Wish we had started using PINPLAN earlier. Easy to deal with, great deals."

Stephan D. - Romeoville, IL

"I love the product. I love the titanium card."

Tina M. - Meridian, MS

"I was paying 30.00 for 62 mins to talk international until I found pinplan. Now I can talk longer because I am talking 69 mins for 10.00. Thank you pinplan."

Christina W. - Clayton, NC

"PINPLAN is very easy to work with. Their service is excellent."

Robert P. - Nampa, ID

"I have tried several calling cards on the internet and not a one of them have given me and my distant end the satisfaction that pinplan has. The customer service is outstanding and have helped me 100% , it is really amazing that I can fully depend and rely on such service from on place, it is very satisfing and comforting to know at any time I have a very, very realiable means of being able to contact my distant end. Thank you all, There is one operator that has been extremly helpful and so very polite, but I never get his name and with all his help it is so wonderful that when or if I ever have to call for help he is readily and willingly available to do all that he can to make sure I am a satisfied customer. And believe me I am a very, very satisfied customer."

Maria Z. - Colts Neck, NJ

"I used so many cards before, and the quality of sound was fair, but with pinplan when you talk it feels like the person is next to you also the connection was fast, I will continue to buy this card, may be the one without weekly charges so I can use during a long period of time."

Enrique M. - Florence, KY

"Excellent! I think that the online information of calls made using the card is a great idea. It is something that other cards don't have. The cards seem easy to re-order and the price is good. The customer service agent rang almost instantly to confirm the purchase, and when she did not reach me at my home number, she sent an email to me, so that I was able to ring pinplan."

Adrian T. - New Orleans, LA

"PINPLAN is fantastic! Excellent product. Excellent customer service. And, especially, excellent web application."

William O. - Benicia, CA

"Excellent! The customer service is great! Before my first order, I called them to ask some questions regarding the phone cards and they answered me promptly and very friendly, even though it was a Sunday afternoon. Their hours are really convenient, not too many phone card stores have the same convenience. I wish I could have found Pinplan a long time ago. I loved it! Thanks a lot!"

Rosa S. - San Jose, CA

"Your service is great. Once it is possible to recarge cards I cant think of anything in which you can improve in. Your customer service is especailly good. It has been a pleasure to deal with such a effective organisation. I will, and do recomend it to others."

Colin G. - Smithfield, RI

"Excellent service, excellent access, excellent quality of calls. I am very satisfied. I have ordered 6 or 7 cards already. I call mostly to Canada and Chile. Please dont change anything. I love the cards!!! Thank you, (I had tried several other cards before)"

Angela S. - Beltsville, MD

"I love your calling cards, especially the last one I bought because you offer minute by minute increments rather than rounding up and wasting my money the way other companies choose to do. I always hate when I spend money on a calling card, use one minute and it charges me for 20. With PinPlan, that's not the case! Keep up the good work! Thanks again."

Rebecca A. - Monmouth, OR

"You guys have been fantastic -- you've worked very hard to make sure I can get access to long distance service even when I don't have access to a computer, and even when I've lost my PIN (on a couple of occasions). Keep up the good work -- when I get some more cash flow coming in, you can expect to be getting more business from me. Best regards."

Patrick B. - Brandon, FL

"Pinplan has a good operation. Your service comes with our highest recommendation. Clarity of calls/connections are good. Customer service, conscientious & responsive. Your business model is good. (ie; constantly seeking to improve your service.) It is a pleasure to do business with an organization such as Pinplan that knows how to operate! By delivering the added value/service to your customers you are simutaneously building Pinplan's short & long term profitability."

Casey C. - Huntsville, AL

"Dear PINPLAN, thank you for providing me with a less expensive way of keeping in touch with my girlfriend in Belarus. Please let me know of any discount rates. Again, thank you."

John L. - Hawthorne, CA

"All in all I would have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed using your service. Your prices are excellent, and your online availability means I dont have to go to a store to buy cards whenever I need them. The various levels allow for a whole lot of customization, although I find myself taking the top."

Ben I. - Wauwatosa, WI

"Best calling card I ever had. best rates. fast service, any problems answered very fast and accurately. I will continue to shop there. this is my second order with them."

Sherry R. - Mendota, MN

"I get a connection every time on the first try. It is far better than any other card that I have used for calling the Ukraine."

Daniel H. - Orting, WA

"PINPLAN has become my number one place to buy calling cards, until I find a better value. They are more reliable than the other company I was using (Nobel com)"

Maurice F. - Chicago, IL

"I liked it that the phone card was available to print and use immediately."

Heather P. - Charlotte, NC

"Great product, excellent price and great customer service. By far the best deal on prepaid calling cards!"

Charles T. - Independence, CA

"I am very happy with my new calling card. They said that there would be no hidden fees and so far it's exactly as they've said. I will definitely continue to use them and refer them to my friends and family."

John K. - Conway, SC

"I'm very happy and thankful with the service, in my specific situation this is the ONLY service that allow me call to Cuba WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM."

Francisco J. - Miami, FL

"I do a lot of calling to Cambodia and when calling using this card it sounds like the person is right next door. I have used other cards without the results that I receive from this one."

Bill C. - Waterville, MN<

"Very nice logistics and customer service. Will buy again if needed a phone card."

Edmund S. - Kowloon, Hong Kong

"Excellent service, highly recommended."

Tommy S. - Independence, KS

"I have used so many different and I found PINZO to be the best. Thank you."

Fatimah A. - Joppa, MD


"Good rates, had difficulty connecting to Hungary. The good thing about it they are not charging for incomplete calls. Fair company!!!!"

Beatrix P. - St. Petersburg, FL

"I tend to make a lot of international calls at this time of year and being able to buy enough time is important for me. If you had bigger cards with more discounts for, say, $100 that would be great!"

Paul S. - Palatine, IL

"I was looking for the best deal. This is just another better way to shop and beat the so called 'your normal long distance phone company'. Thank you."

John L. - Hawthorne, CA

"Cards are SO much cheaper than any phone plan I've used!!"

Alexis D. - River Falls, WI

"A pleasant surprise good quality and service and best value in comparison to the other long-distance services."

Martin L. - Fairfax, VA

"Its been such a pleasure dealing with Pinplan - So efficient and painless when re-ordering new cards. No hidden catches like some others - Highly recommended. Thanks."

Nic F. - Waterville Valley, NH

"It's so convenient not having to have a physical card. The activation of the PIN number is pretty automatic. Great value."

Ann R. - Victoria, TX

"What a pleasant surprise! Easy, fast and efficient. Thanks!"

Phillip D. - Chicago, IL

"Excellent prices, huge wide variety of cards to choose from. Card comparison chart very easy to understand and makes choosing easy. Cards are easy to use and the connectivity and reception of calls is wonderful. I'd rate it is an overall good experience."

Jonathan P. - Drexel Hill, PA

"I wish I had heard about Pinplan years ago!!! I would have saved hundreds in international calling."

James F. - Denver, CO

"There were some problems with calling the country I call with the card at first but pinplan was very helpful and referred my problem to technical support and it was resolved the following day."

Allan O. - San Diego, CA

"By far, the BEST calling cards I've ever used - and I call internationally frequently!"

Douglas C. - Houston, TX

"The customer service people were great, thanks for your help and suggestions."

Douglas S. - Castle Dale, UT

"They had excellent customer service, they got back to my promptly and their product was amazing. I had one small problem but with one email it was fixed in seconds. Thank you Pinplan."

Tazzra, J. - Kula, HI

"A lot of minutes for less money, excellent service got my confirmation right away. Probably another 800 number would bring more friend ask me about how many 800 numbers are there? did not know the answer but I told them it has worked fine with me. Thanks Pinplan."

Demetrio R. - Cicero, IL

"Pleasant people who give fast clear information. A model for customer service."

John M. - Stockton, CA

"Good quality cards."

Hemant, J. - Irvine, CA

"I was reluctant to purchase a phone card and even more reluctant to purchase it online. I didn't know the quality of the connection or the customer service integrity. I was very very impressed with everything, the promptness and clarity of the connection to Israel."

Shellie F. - Rio Rancho, NM

"Pinplan is the best prepaid phone card for your money I have found. I have also given your name to friends. I am very happy with pinplan. please stay in business."

Mary, H. - Burbank, IL

"We have made one call with the Pinplan calling card and it was easy to get through."

Dr. & Mrs. Wm. S. - Ewa Beach, HI

"Will order again unless an avalanche of emails show up."

Gerry Q. - Troy, ID

"Better than any other phone card."

Hae B. - Seoul, South Korea

"Excellent store and friendly personnel providing a much needed service. We need, more web sites like this."

Tommy S. - Independence, KS

"Always good customer service and very smooth well documented transactions. Transactions are instantaneous."

Norman M. -West Chester, PA

"Good rates and no problems with connections at all."

Juan S. - Albertson, NY

"Pinplan immediately provided my card. This was outside their normal office hours. Well done."

Fiona C. - Mitchel Field, NY

"Customer service was extremely patient, helpful and pleasant. They answered all my zillion questions and even waited on the phone with me as I accessed my pin. I was reluctant, initially, to buy a phone card online but I had a good experience with PINPLAN."

Czerne R. - Decatur, GA


"You guys are awesome!"

Brenda P. - Hollywood, FL

"I had to make an urgent phone call to India and my Pinplan pin was not working properly. They repaired it but it would not have worked until the next day. Understanding my situation, they issued me another pin for free so that I would be able to make that call instantly. I was impressed by their service. Now I have confidence in this company so much so that I have decided to buy cards only form them unless they give me a reason anytime later not to. Though I don't think that will happen!!"

Namrata D. - Philadelphia PA

"Good value in a phone card!"

Brenda C. - Guys Mills, PA

"Pinplan customer care have always been prompt at answering any of my questions and courteous. Their prices are good and the phone card works, I have never had any problems placing a call as I have with other phone cards. I would and have recommended them to many of my friends."

Tracy H. - Irvine, CA

"Pinplan Titanium Phone Cards seem to be the best, I have experienced so far, in terms of clarity."

Uzo I. - Houston, TX

"Great rates and much easier than buying phone cards."

John R. - Los Angeles, CA

"Great service - works well from mobile phones too - delighted "

Beate P. - Lewisberry, PA

"I loved the customer service - people were helpful and friendly. Plus, they have some of the best rates around! I will remember PINPLAN whenever I want to buy long distance!"

JulieAnn B. - Grandville, MI

"I do have to say, I purchase a lot of calling cards, I dial international, and the rates seem to change constantly.. even when I am on the phone! but this company is THE ONLY ONE WHO GIVES YOU WHAT THEY ADVERTISE. I mean a lot of cards tell you when you dial you have say 75 mins, and cut you off at 61, not these guys! they said 185 mins, and By my clock on the PC, it was 186 mins total conversation time...OUTSTANDING!!!! Buying the cards is sooo easy! I will most definitely be buying more from this merchant. Bravo!"

James, H. - Superior CO

"The connection quality of the call from the US to New Zealand was excellent! I shall continue to use PINPLAN for my international calls."

Peggy T. - Tacoma, WA

"Excellent. I'm Very Impressed. Will be going only with Pinplan cards here after. Kudo's Pinplan."

Somasundaram K. - Hartford, CT

"Great, fast, and easy purchase. Good customer service. Good product."

Pier L. - Vancouver, WA

"Truly the best prepaid phone card on the market. Also excellent for international calls. I will not hesitate to renew my card when the time comes."

Yves G. - Avon Park, FL

"Excellent, they responded quickly. It was easy to order from them."

Rakesh K. - Irvine, CA

"It's a great card for International calls. No delays, and great communication that a working man can afford. Thank you."

Bernard P. - Peculiar, MO

"Purchasing and account set up was a very easy process. Their customer confirmation of the order was excellent."

William H. - Irvine, TX

"Very nice people to speak with for questions. I liked the way that they called for personal verification. The card works great. Great reception. Easy access."

Roberta W. - Arnold, CA

"The man that I talked to over the phone was very friendly, personable and I am definitely a return customer to this company because of his humanness and cheerfulness, alone.. plus the calling card has worked great: I have had no problems using it at all and it has proven itself a really good deal for me in saving money with my phone calls."

Rebecca R. - Marion, NY

"This is my first time, using a phone card, I found very practical, special to measure your time in the phone. What else can I say, it works great for me, specially with international calls. Thank you PINPLAN."

Julio M. - Charlotte, NC

"Better than expected and very fast call backs from customer service. Great people to talk to!"

Robert A. - Gilbert, AZ

"Everything went as planed."

Scott E. - Clearfield, UT

"Fast response. I am very satisfied."

Eric B. - Flower Mound, TX

"I only had one minor problem of dialing the access code but the problem was fixed within the hour... AND customer service called me to see if everything worked fine. Great card for dialing to the UK..."

Julie, W. - Hartland, IA

"The rate and connection is really good and attitude and promptness of the customer service was excellent. I will reorder my calling card from this store."

Tadami Y. - Bridgeport, CT

"Well, as I learned you must read everything before you make a purchase. as must prepaid cards are very difficult to connect. I am very pleased with PINPLAN, and to my surprise we had more minutes than we expected. As a pre-paid phone card buyer, I think I made my best purchase yet. And thank you costumer service for your friendly voice, which that is the reason why I will continue making my future purchases."

Kathy R. - Ames, IA

"The rates are great, and was easy to shop for the card I needed."

Leyla, C. - Mountain View, CA

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