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PinPlan Silver U.S.A. Calling Cards

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Call Records:
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Hidden Fees:

Order Online or by Phone: 1-888-697-4696

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Advertised Rates and Minutes View all rates

Calling from U.S.A. to Rate $10 min $20 min $50 min
U.S.A. 1.6¢ 625 1250 3125
U.S.A. - Alaska 3.8¢ 263 526 1316
U.S.A. - Hawaii 3.4¢ 294 588 1471

Product Specifications

Best For U.S.A. and the World
Delivery Method Instantly via Email
Auto-Recharge Option Yes
Recharge Option Yes
Connection Fees None
Hidden Charges None
Tax None
Billing Increments 3 Minutes
Payphone Surcharge 99¢
Service Fee 69¢ 1
PinLess Dialing Yes
Speed Dialing Yes
Online Call Records Yes
Emailable Ecards Yes
1 Billed at midnight after 1st use, then weekly.

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  • Use from Home, Office, Hotel, College, Cell Phone, Military Base or Pay Phone
  • Pay-as-you-go! No contracts!
  • Get your PIN Instantly & start making calls
  • No need to switch your long distance
  • Use from any phone with many features
  • Call anywhere in the U.S. and the World
  • Live and friendly customer service

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For English...

  1. Enter 1-800-471-7135
  2. Enter your Instant PIN
  • For domestic calls (including Canada, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean) dial: 1 + area code + Number.
  • For international calls, dial 011 + country code + city code + Number.
  • For additional calls, don’t hang up. Press and hold the # button and follow the prompts.
  • For Domestic Customer Service please call 1-888-697-4696.

Para Español

  1. Marque 1-800-471-7165
  2. Marque su código privado
  • Para llamadas en los E.E.U.U, Canada, Puerto Rico y el Caribe, marque 1 + código del área + número del teléfono.
  • Para llamadas internacionales marque 011 + código del país + código de la ciudad + número de teléfono.
  • Para llamadas adicionales NO CUELGUE. Oprima la tecla # y siga las instrucciones.
  • Para obtener servicio local al cliente del dia llame al 1-888-697-4696.

Back ↑ PinPlan Silver Phone Card Terms and Conditions

Calls billed in 3 minute increments. 69¢ FCC mandated surcharge applies to calls from payphones. Calls to mobile phones may be billed at a higher rate. A 69¢ service fee applies at midnight after the 1st call and weekly thereafter. Rates and fees can change without prior or later notice. Rate changes, fees and taxes may reduce the number of advertised minutes. Card expires 180 days after 1st use, but will be renewed for another 180 days if more time is added (recharged).

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Service provided by Super Prepaid, Inc.

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