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As the most advanced Online Calling Card Provider, we are constantly adding new functionality to our Prepaid Phone-Cards.

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PinPlan is the most advanced Phone Card Provider on the net. We are constantly adding new functionality to our product line. If the contents of this page does not provide you with enough information, feel free to contact our Technical Support Team at or call us toll-free 1-888-697-4696 seven days a week from 9am to 6pm, PST.

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Tier1 Class A grade quality connections

Beware of noncompliant gray-market connections being provided by other prepaid phone card providers. They will advertise unbelievably low rates, ridiculous number of minutes and terminate your call over low-grade Voice Over IP shared lines. Our international calling cards are tested constantly to insure the highest level of quality to every country in the world, no matter how remote the location.

Back to Top ZERO hidden fees & ZERO connection fees

Read the fine print on most Phone Card providers' disclaimers and you will find they are loaded with hidden fees such as nightly sweeps, 20%-30% in taxes, forced disconnects, irregular rounding of minutes and the list goes on. Here at Pinplan, our in-house live customer service representatives pride themselves in explaining the billing structure of every calling card we carry. They will help guide you through our various programs and find the phone card that will best fit your calling patterns.

Back to Top Rechargeable let's you keep one PIN and add minutes

PinPlan Phone Cards are rechargeable. That means as you run out of calling minutes, you can replenish your calling card by adding more minutes to the same PIN. This eliminates the need to buy a new card every time you run out of minutes. It also eliminates the need to remember a new PIN number with every purchase.

Back to Top With PinLess Dialing you no longer have to enter a PIN

Ah, the convenience of Speed Dialing! Instantly register up to 20 phone numbers you commonly call from, for example your home, your cell phone or your office. PinPlan will then associate your account with these numbers, eliminating the need for you to enter your PIN. As you call into our toll-free access number, it will simply ask you to enter your destination number. Furthermore, the phone numbers you register become virtual PIN number so when calling form other locations and you are prompted to enter a PIN, you can use enter any of the registered numbers instead of your PIN number.

Back to Top Speed Dial those lengthy phone numbers

A convenient feature when making international calls with lengthy telephone numbers. Instantly register up to 20 Speed Dials into your PIN's memory. Then, when you are prompted to enter your destination number, simply enter your 2-digit Speed Dial instead. The PinPlan system will connect you to the destination number you have registered with that Speed Dial. You can add, edit and delete your Speed Dial Numbers instantly online. This feature works for both domestic and international phone numbers.

Back to Top Instant access to your call records online 24/7

Insure the correct incremental billing of your phone calls by easy access to your calling records online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply login to your account, select the appropriate phone card and click on the "View call records" link. Document your calling records and keep track of your spending.

Back to Top Email your Phone Cards as an eCard to a loved one

Purchase any PinPlan Branded Instant PIN and e-mail it as an eCard to your loved ones, instantly. Choose from a variety of colorful designs. The recipient can begin placing calls using their PinPlan Instant PIN immediately. eCards make perfect gifts for students, travelers and family members. There are eCard Design available for every holiday and special occasion for example Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day and St. Patrick's Day. Print one or more of these designs to your desktop color printer. Cut it out and put it in your wallet or include it in a gift basket. The possibilities are endless.

Back to Top Turn off the prompts on your PIN

Tired of listening to the same voice prompts over and over again? We have a solution. Simply use our "No-Prompt" toll-free access number which has the minimal number of prompts. And if you do wish to hear all the prompts, You will always have the option to use your original access number.

Back to Top Secure shopping with PinPlan's 256-bit SSL encryption

PinPlan submits data securely via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) unbreakable encryption, with over 96 billion billion possible combinations. Protecting your privacy and information online is extremely important to PinPlan. We are constantly evaluating our security technologies to ensure we are taking reasonable steps to protect your personal information. As industry standards evolve, we evaluate them for reliability and salability prior to implementation. PinPlan takes your security seriously.

Back to Top Live in-house customer service 7 days a week

While most of our competitors farm out their customer service to foreign countries, we have decided that the best way to care for our clients is if we do it ourselves. That's why every in-house Pinplan agent is trained to provide you with courteous and professional service. Our representatives can be reached by Phone, Email and Instant Message seven days a week.

Back to Top Traveling outside the States? Take PinPlan with you

Avoid the confusion of international calling plans and expensive hotel fees. PinPlan phone cards can be used form outside the U.S. to call anywhere in the world. International toll-free access numbers are available once you log into your account.

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