Ethiopia phone card country calling code is 251

To call Ethiopia from the U.S. dial: 011 + 251 + City Code + Phone Number.

Ethiopia country calling code is 251

Phone calls placed from the United States to Ethiopia require you to dial: 011 + 251 + City Code + Phone Number. Use the table below to find the appropriate city code in Ethiopia.

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To call Ethiopia from the U.S. dial: 011 + 251 + City Code + Phone Number

City NameCity Code
Addis Adaba1
North Region4

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Interesting facts about Ethiopia

Unique among African countries, the ancient Ethiopian monarchy maintained its freedom from colonial rule, with the exception of the 1936-41 Italian occupation during World War II. In 1974 a military junta, the Derg, deposed Emperor Haile SELASSIE (who had ruled since 1930) and established a socialist state. Torn by bloody coups, uprisings, wide-scale drought, and massive refugee problems, the regime was finally toppled in 1991 by a coalition of rebel forces, the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). A constitution was adopted in 1994 and Ethiopia's first multiparty elections were held in 1995. A two and a half year border war with Eritrea ended with a peace treaty on 12 December 2000. Final demarcation of the boundary is currently on hold due to Ethiopian objections to an international commission's finding requiring it to surrender sensitive territory.

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