Niger phone card country calling code is 227

To call Niger from the U.S. dial: 011 + 227 + City Code + Phone Number.

Niger country calling code is 227

Phone calls placed from the United States to Niger require you to dial: 011 + 227 + City Code + Phone Number. Use the table below to find the appropriate city code in Niger.

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To call Niger from the U.S. dial: 011 + 227 + City Code + Phone Number

City NameCity Code
Birni N'konni64

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Interesting facts about Niger

Niger became independent from France in 1960 and experienced single-party and military rule until 1991, when Col. Ali SAIBOU was forced by public pressure to allow multiparty elections, which resulted in a democratic government in 1993. Political infighting brought the government to a standstill and in 1996 led to a coup by Col. Ibrahim BARE. In 1999 BARE was killed in a coup by military officers who promptly restored democratic rule and held elections that brought Mamadou TANDJA to power in December of that year. TANDJA was reelected in 2004. Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world with minimal government services and insufficient funds to develop its resource base. The largely agrarian and subsistence-based economy is frequently disrupted by extended droughts common to the Sahel region of Africa.

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